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Anterior tibial veins

The anterior tibial veins are deep veins that run parallel to the anterior tibial artery. Blood is carried through superficial veins near the surface of the skin and into perforating veins, which are veins that perforate the deep fascia of muscles. From the perforating veins, blood moves into the anterior tibial veins deep inside the muscles of the leg. These veins join the posterior tibial veins and cross the back portion of the knee. This forms the popliteal vein in the upper leg, which turns into the femoral vein. The anterior tibial veins join the dorsalis pedis vein in the ankle and foot.

This network of veins carries blood up the legs and into the fibula and tibia. In the abdomen, the abdominal aorta forms the left and right iliac arteries. These arteries branch out through the pelvis and turn into the femoral arteries. The femoral artery turns into the popliteal artery in the femur and branches out into the posterior and anterior tibial arteries, which supply blood to the tibialis anterior muscles.

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In Depth: Anterior tibial veins

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