Love is in the air for Valentine's Day today!

With our minds always on the Diabetes Community, we were curious about how our peeps would respond to the question: "What's the sweetest thing someone has ever done for you related to diabetes?"

We asked that question via social media and received some lovely responses. But before sharing those, we thought our team should share our own answers:


Oh, let me count the ways my Loving and Supporting Spouse is just that... when it comes to diabetes. I can look to how she's navigated my scary and dangerous low blood sugars over the years, or how she didn't hesitate to sign on to the #WeAreNotWaiting data-sharing ride with me, or just how she puts up with my D-related mood swings and complaints on a regular basis.

The list is long, but one thing that always stands out is how my wife takes on the D-Math for me most of the time.

Yes, it may not seem like much. But those of us with diabetes know how much math becomes a part of your life. And I just don't care for it. Luckily, I married a woman who is wicked-smart on the numbers front and works in the financial field, so she's able to do all of the calculating -- carb counting, insulin doses, and other random medical arithmetic -- right along with our household budgeting that needs to be done. Thank goodness for that.

OK sure, I do some math. But it's just a way we work as a team. "What's this gonna cost?" is what I say when preparing a meal, and turning the box over to look at the nutrition label. She calls out the answer before I can read the full label, because of course she's already on top of that task.



I'd still have to say after all these years that the sweetest diabetes thing my husband does for me is making "lab dates." That is, I'm one of those people who needs to eat something immediately when I get up in the morning. That actually pre-dates my diabetes; I was always that way. But now with BG often running low in the morning I seriously can barely function until I've consumed something. So those hospital lab tests that require you to show up in the early morning fasting are pure torture for me.

My rose-colored-glasses-style hubby naturally found a way to make it fun: the Lab Breakfast Date. We lay out our clothes the night before, so we can dress super-quick and jump in the car. He drops me off right in front of the lab door before going to park the car so I won't waste any (hungry) time. He then usually holds my hand while we wait for my turn, and the minute they're finished drawing blood he walks me over to the expansive clinic cafeteria, where he waits in line for the fancy coffee while I go grab food. We always sit by a window so we can enjoy the sunshine and a rare weekday breakfast out. Muy bueno!


On top of that, one more intimate item that made me laugh and made my heart skip: One day while undressing in our bedroom, I was feeling self-conscious, complaining about "all my gear" hanging on my body. What did he do? Looked me up and down, grinned, and said, "No worries. That's not the gear I'm interested in." :))


Diabetes Community Shares...

Here's what other D-peeps have shared from around the online universe:



We also loved hearing the Diabetes Connections podcast love story of two young adults -- T1 peep Andrew and his beloved diabetes camp counselor Amy -- finding love at a D-Camp, leading up to their most recent marriage proposal!

Of course, we echo our support for the annual Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign that supports both love and life, providing insulin and D-education to children in need simply by donating the cost of a single rose. You still have time to do that for 2018.


What about you, Friends?

What's the Sweetest D-Thing that comes to your mind?

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