DOC Roundup JanuaryWelcome to our monthly roundup of outstanding blog posts from across the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). This is the first of 2018, where we share our faves for January -- in no particular order.

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Remember My Diabetes Secret, that place online where people can anonymously share their honest feelings related to diabetes? Well, this one caught our eye about not being able to fall asleep because of D-Fears... yep, we hear ya, whoever you are!


You may have seen mention that this month, the American Diabetes Association sent out a fundraising email with a controversial subject line that drew the ire of many in the DOC, with Kerri Sparling over at SixUntilMe representing by pointing out that she prefers messages of hope instead of scare tactics. Fortunately, the ADA saw the error of its ways and promises to do better.


Meet Will over at My Busted Pancreas,Busted Pancreas - cookie who we've just found in the DOC blogosphere. He's in the professional food world, and we had fun reading his take on personal food habits: I Eat What I Want.


Speaking of food, Kate over at Sweet Success writes about a recent CDE visit where she had to seek Permission to Eat. Ugh, not cool.


Diabetes devices can generate a lot of data, and sometimes that boils over into overload... Molly shares her insights on that over at her Hugging the Cactus blog.


When I Am Weak, He Is Strong... Do. Not. Miss. This one by type 1 peep Brittany at The Diabetic Journey blog.



Words certainly have their place in our D-blogosphere, but it's more visual these days as Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube take an ever-stronger hold in the DOC. A fave feed on Instagram that we've started following is called The Sugars, with PWD Libby Russell sharing her life with diabetes in pictures.


Our friend Rick Phillips at RA Diabetes shared a sensitive, personal story about a diabetes complication he's been living with. Pickle(Think pickles.) We credit him with being brave enough to go public with this detail, and send him virtual hugs.


Also on complications, Renza at Diabetogenic from Australia shares a guest post by The Grumpy Pumper about the struggles we all face when D-complications come up.


Over at the dynamic platform Beyond Type 1, a teen with T1D shares a story about "how diabetes took away my childhood." A sad but important story to share...


Oh, and that "non-compliant" label... it's still around, and still a touchy topic, for sure. We appreciate D-blogging peep Patricia (a nurse who lives with T1D over at Dragonfly Lights) working to shut that down among her brethren in the healthcare space.


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