DOC Roundup DecemberDecember is always a monumental month -- marking the year's end, celebrating the holidays, and looking ahead to all that's on the horizon.

We recently took a sweeping look back at all the big diabetes news of 2017 ourselves. And now, before we mark the very end of this year, we wanted to take the opportunity to share some great posts from the around the diabetes blogosphere this past month.

We'd love to include your favorites too. Please let us know of any noteworthy D-blog posts that you recently read and particularly liked!


DOC Roundup bulletpointMany of our diabetes blogging friends reflected on the past year and what's ahead, and we enjoyed them all -- including this one from D-peep Stephen Shaul at Happy Medium, who's endured quite a bit on the diabetes and personal front during 2017 but been a true D-advocate to be proud of.


DOC roundup bulletpointFrom the Twitter side of the DOC, we were bummed to see the beloved #OzDOC chat -- organized by D-peeps in Australia for the past several years -- hold its final Twitter chat session in December (as in, it's come to an end and won't be happening again as far as anyone knows). Sure, life goes on and we're more than our diabetes... but still, it's sad to see this go away. (The popular #DSMA chat and others across the globe continue on, so there's that).


DOC Roundup bullet pointD-Dad Tom Karlya revisited his annual "Night Before D-Christmas," with a fun play on the classic Christmas story from... you guessed it, a diabetes POV.


DOC Roundup bullet pointDiabetes blogger Kerri Sparling at SixUntilMe also cranked up the holiday spirit, with a diabetes twist on Silent Night for the season.



DOC Roundup bullet pointWhile we're recapping the past year and in the holiday spirit, we now can't stop humming the Fa La La La La tune thanks to Renza at Diabetogenic in Australia...


DOC roundup bullet pointCongrats to Kelly at Below Seven for recently marking her 24th diaversary (!) with T1D. Remarkably, despite some struggles with managing BGs and navigating diabetes burnout, she maintains a positive attitude.


DOC Roundup bulletpointWe enjoyed discovering the new, personal "Amybetic" blog, where a twenty-something fellow T1 named Amy over in England shares her story and penned a great Letter To Her 18-year-old Self.


DOC roundup bulletpointComplications are less-than-happy topics to talk about, but it's good to see our DOC being able to share and connect on these important issues. Thanks to a pair of D-peeps internationally -- Melinda Seed at Twice Diabetes, and The Grumpy Pumper in England (via Renza at Diabetogenic) who both shared their stories on this dreaded side of life with diabetes.


DOC roundup bulletpointBig hugs also to Sarah Kaye at Sugabetic, who put herself out there and shared her personal story of being diagnosed with not just one, but two new diabetes-related complications recently. And then -- even more unfortunately -- she experienced firsthand the "worse than you syndrome" from others online. We'are sending all our support your way, Sarah, and our appreciation for sharing something not easy to talk about.



DOC Roundup bulletpointDiabetes advocate Phyllis Kaplan over at Confessions of a Type 1 with a Dash of Celiac recapped her experience at our DiabetesMine Innovation Summit in November, and we remain honored that she was there to raise her voice.


DOC roundup bulletpointUgh, low blood sugars! As if hypos aren't frustrating enough on their own, then comes the "waiting for BGs to rise" -- something Kelly Kunik at Diabetesalicousness describes as being much like the First Three Circles of Hell. Yep, K2, we hear ya.

DOC roundup bulletpointThis one from Rick Phillips about a diabetes supply case is pretty awesome on a few different levels, and we loved the title, "That Purse Doesn't Match Your Shoes." Brilliant writing, Rick (and hat/tip to Ally for spotting this one).



DOC Roundup bulletpointTraveling with diabetes is one of those topics that can be quite stressful, and often throw us into a chaotic spin just before we set out. Frank Sita at Type 1 Writes shares a post about being prepared when he's about to travel, with diabetes on board.


And with that, we're now traveling into 2018...

Thanks to all for these great posts, and for all the wonderful writing throughout 2017! Naturally, we can't wait to see what the DOC has in store for this next month and year...

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