Hey D-Friends!

We've once again changed seasons, but don't worry -- the quality posts from around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) haven't seen a "fall" by any means! :)

We've got lots of DOC love to share, and with that: here's this month's collection of some of the top "must-reads" that caught our eye, in no particular order:


DOC Roundup bulletOur hearts remain with all those in our Diabetes Community affected the many current natural disasters, particularly those in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands who've been hit so hard by hurricanes and those in Mexico impacted by the devastating earthquake. Thanks to Beyond Type 1 for letting us know how to help those in Puerto Rico and Mexico, and to Insulin Nation for sharing further resources.


DOC Roundup bulletIn Case You Missed It: There was an #Insulin4All protest over high insulin prices at Eli Lilly HQ in early September, and Kerri Sparling at SixUntilMe featured a guest post by co-organizer and speaker T1International founder Elizabeth Rowley, who was there on the scene raising her voice of course. Our own Mike Hoskins was also personally involved in this event as well.


DOC Roundup bulletOur D-blogging buddy Rick Phillips shares some insight during the third annual RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) Blog Week, describing how his RA and type 1 diabetes overlap when it comes to breaking in new doctors.


DOC Roundup bulletWhoa, we were shocked to hear about Stephen Shaul's recent hospital experience that materialized when he was hoping to have some vacation fun... we're glad to hear it all worked out and he's home now, but we are sorry to hear about this and send our very best after the fact.


DOC Roundup bulletSpeaking of emergency rooms... we stumbled across this fun "ER Packing List" spin on those not-so-fun places. We're happy to have found type 1 PWD Michelle in Canada, who blogs at Love, Light and Insulin. Worth reading through her past posts, too!


DOC Roundup bulletIf you haven't heard D-Mom Stacey Simms over on her Diabetes Connections podcast, then it's a must-listen! And this month, she has a couple of special celeb treats: Actor Derek Theler who lives with T1D and is best known for his role in Baby Daddy and will soon be starring in the Marvel's New Warriors show; and also singer-songwriter and T1 PWD RaeLynn who rose to fame after The Voice and has been a part of our community sharing her story. (Hat tip: we also interviewed RaeLynn a while back.)


DOC Roundup bulletWe've been watching longtime T1D peep Tom Goffe share his incredible story about trying to get on the waiting list for a kidney-pancreas transplant, due to developing kidney disease over the years. We are bummed to hear Tom share he's been told No, but he isn't giving up the fight... (sending all our best your way, Brother!)


DOC Roundup bulletOur T2 friend Kate Cornell who blogs at Sweet Success penned a must-read Dear Diabetes letter, one that points out that "it's not me, it's you" and is signed at the end by, "Every Person with Diabetes."



DOC Roundup bulletThanks to Australian friend and fellow D-blogger Renza at Diabetogenic for this post about Rights & Responsibilities, in reference to her recent visit to the EASD (European Association for the Study of Diabetes) in Lisbon and how the DOC and the patient voice has become more a part of diabetes conferences through the years. Powerful stuff showing great progress, even if we have more work to do.


DOC Roundup bulletAs always, D-Mom Meri Schumacher-Jackson paints a picture with her prose and tugs at the heartstrings at Our Diabetic Life, describing how one of her sons with T1D recently had one of those "beautiful (diabetes) moments not seen often by the world," gracefully "saving his own life" as he must on a daily basis.


DOC Roundup bulletDo-it-yourself diabetes tech is all the rage these days, and this post from D-Mom Lorraine Sisto at This is Caleb captures their family's decision to starting using the homemade closed loop system known as #DIYAP.


DOC Roundup bulletGreat post by Mike LeBlanc at the Type 1 Game blog, on how he sometimes feels "shiny on the outside," even when all that happy, healthy glow that shows on social media is just, well... for show.


DOC Roundup bulletOur friend Kayla Brown in Canada keeps it real over at her Life Notes blog, exploring the challenges in sharing your diabetes life on the Internet and how it can get complicated at times. So goes the balance of good and bad, when it comes to the DOC...


We share our favorites every month, and would love to include yours. Please send along your D-post picks for the month of October to us via email. We look forward to hearing from y'all!

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