We're just about to hit November, the big National Diabetes Awareness Month. But before we do, let's all take a moment to appreciate what this past month of October has brought us from the Diabetes Online Community (DOC).

So before you head out for some trick-or-treat action or turn on some scary Halloween flicks, be sure to check out these online treats that we felt deserved a spot in our DOC blogosphere goodie bag today!


pumpkin iconOf course, today is Halloween and D-Dad Tom Karlya was one of the many diabetes bloggers writing about this sugar-laden holiday and noting that we PWDs don't really have anything to be scared of -- that kids (and also adults with diabetes!) can enjoy the festivities without diabetes interfering.


Ghost surprise iconMany in our DOC were none too happy with comments made by President Trump about diabetes, along with a "joke" by late-night host Jimmy Kimmel and the ever-continuing diabetes references associated with Starbucks newest sugary drinks. Chris Stocker at The Life of a Diabetic made a video about Kimmel's comment, while PWD Kelley Champ Crumpler and D-Mom Lexi Newell shared some opposing views on all of this too.


Pumpkin iconD-peep Jen Hansen in Canada shared some troubling news about a so-called Disability Tax Credit being eliminated in that country, so that it will no longer apply to type 1 diabetes, which is scary to many of our brethren living in Canadian. There's a call to action, so let's help raise the advocacy on this issue!


Ghost surprise iconIt wasn't too long ago that catastrophe struck Puerto Rico and hit people there very hard. Marisol Torres over at Mi Dulce Guerrero (My Sweet Warrior) shares the harrowing tale of what her family experienced there and how much uncertainty and fear she experienced in not being able to reach them immediately. She lives in San Francisco, but her family including a 7-year-old niece with T1D live in PR. This post is in Spanish, so Google Translate may be warranted if you're not fluent. Of course, disaster relief is still needed in this U.S., territory so please help if you're at all able!


pumpkin iconWe loved reading this interview that T1 friend Laddie shared at Test Guess & Go, about her local Minnesota friend Lloyd Mann who lives with T2. Definitely reminds us of how connected we are as a people, and there's more we share in common than makes us differ when it comes to diabetes.


Ghost Happy icon

Kerri Sparling at SixUntilMe hit the nail on the head (again) with Ordinary but Extraordinary, a post about how everyday tasks and small victories can mean so much and often be even more inspiring than big, huge endeavors. Totally agree, Kerri!


pumpkin iconGot Insulin?... now there's a blog by that very name! This new DOC addition comes from T1D teen Morgan Panzirer, whose name may sound familiar, as she's the daughter of mover-and-shaker David Panzirer at the Helmsley Charitable Trust, and was diagnosed a decade ago at age 6. Morgan's got some great stuff to start, from real-life CGM graphs, to being prepared for any D-challenges, to how school and standardized testing messes with her diabetes.


Ghost Happy iconYaay, we're excited to see diabetes advocate and T1 Twitter-er Molly Johannes launch a new blog with a fun and clever name: Hugging the Cactus, because (as Molly says) "T1D is like a prickly cactus (literally and figuratively)." But she's learned to embrace it "thorns and all." Love that! She started out sharing what it was like attending the recent Diabetes Sisters Weekend for Women conference in early October, and from there hits solid gold with irresitable headlines like "French Fries Are Evil." Welcome to the DOC blogosphere, Molly!

Source: Hugging the Cactus blog


pumpkin iconWhile technically posted at the very end of last month, this blog post by Dave at The Tangerine Diabetic in England is definitely worth sharing for October, about the cost of diabetes -- something none of us can escape, no matter where in the world we happen to live.


Ghost surprise iconAaaack, high blood sugars! Many of us with diabetes have felt the yuckiness of hyperglycemia and it's not a pleasant experience. Sarah at Coffee & Insulin describes it as a "Heavy Stone," and once again uses her words to paint a picture that brings it to life for anyone to understand (tag this one under the D-Awareness Month file for the general public, too!).


So that's what we have on our reading list for October, friends! Any blog posts catch your eye this past month?

We share our favorite #dblog posts each month, and would love to include yours too! Please send along your D-post picks for the month of November to us via email. We look forward to it. And in the meantime...


Happy Halloween, D-Friends!


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