We're once again smack dab in the middle of the year, in the dogs days of summer. And no doubt there is a whole lot going on around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC).Diabetes Blogs July

Here's our monthly roundup of fave posts that caught our eye, in no particular order.

Please chime in and share your favorites too, if you like!


DOC Roundup BulletThousands attended the Children With Diabetes Friends For Life conference in early July, and as always it looked like a marvelous time. We loved reading the recaps, from Tom Karlya's post to D-Mom and D-Wife Tamara Oser's blog about her experience, and this fun read from Kerri Sparling at SixUntilMe about finding connections there in Florida -- in a Magic Kingdom bathroom, of all places. Ah, people with diabetes in the wild! :) 

DOC Roundup BulletIn these days of diabetes conference season, Chelcie Rice has an important question to ask over on his Insulin Nation piece: "Why Aren't There More People Of Color at Diabetes Conferences?" An insightful read we'd recommend to anyone, especially those who coordinate conferences in D-universe.


DOC Roundup BulletCongrats to Charlotte over in the UK on her recent silver diabetes anniversary. Make sure to read her post on that milestone over at Pumping Iron and Insulin.


DOC Roundup BulletOver at the Diabetes UK blog, this guest-post from Emma Berry shares how she's been feeling all tangled up in Type 2 diabetes recently. Make sure to send her some good vibes, DOC friends!


DOC Roundup BulletIt can get tiresome writing a blog consistently, and other priorities in life often win out. We love this perspective from Chris Stocker at The Life of a Diabetic, who explains why he took a break recently given the current state of the DOC. 


DOC Roundup BulletDiabetes can be a bit much sometimes, and this D-Mom over at Semi-Sweet writes about being "Between Avalanches" that hits on the many D-challenges and stresses in her world these days.


DOC Roundup BulletOK, here's a throwback to July 2015 with a blog post that we'd missed until recently. It's by D-Mom Maureen at Mum of Type 1, who wrote a beautiful post The Boy and His Egg about her son's experience of living with T1D.

DOC Roundup BulletHappy 60th birthday to Rick Phillips, who wrote an insightful "Looking at 60" blog post about how he views diabetes  and other health conditions in the context of this grand scheme.


DOC Roundup BulletWow, D-Mom Meri Schuhmacher has a deep, very well-written post titled, "7 Years Later, 19 Years In" that will get your heart and tear-ducts pumping. As you read about her "background music of diabetes," be sure to have some tissues nearby.


DOC Roundup BulletMelinda Seeds ponders the deep thought of "Why I'm Diabetic," and offers her insights over at her Twice Diabetes blog.


DOC Roundup BulletBanting's Ghost logoHave you heard? The insulin access project dubbed "Banting's Ghost" received enough crowd-funding from the D-Community to get started, and Steven Richert over at Living Vertical is seeking stories to start sharing for his photojournalism project. Make sure to check out his ongoing project and spread word!


DOC Roundup BulletRunning on autopilot -- we've all done it, and some of us are doing it now (raises hand). So is Karen Graffeo over at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes, who shares how she's doing diabetes tasks on autopilot these days, too.



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