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Today we’re pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 DiabetesMineTM Usability Innovation Awards – unveiled at the seventh annual DiabetesMine Innovation Summit on Nov. 17 at Stanford School of Medicine (detailed event report coming soon).

You may recall that we launched this awards program two years ago to showcase and honor the standout tools and services that are making people's lives with diabetes easier and better, according to the Patient Community itself.

The Big Idea is to shine a spotlight on the good stuff that helps patients most, and thereby encourage industry, tech experts, designers and others to "do more of what's working."


How We Picked the Winners

Winners were chosen based on our annual Patient Voices Survey (results downloadable here). This year, we asked people with diabetes and their caregivers to rate an array of D-tools and services in six categories that represent the key challenges of living with diabetes:  


They were asked to rate each item on a scale of:

  • “life-changing”
  • “very helpful”
  • “helpful”
  • “of limited value”
  • “did not help me at all”

And we prompted respondents to add details in comments, including reasons why they may choose not to use certain items.

This year, thanks to help from the wonderful Beyond Type 1 Community, we gathered a total of 617 responses, with over 1,660 written comments added. We of course looked for items generating the most positive attention.

We chose our winners based on what received the highest rankings of “life-changing” and “very helpful,” and had the most / most positive respondent comments.


In analyzing the results, it became evident that our 2017 winners should fall into three categories:

People’s Choice – the item that stood out above all others in terms of sheer volume of positive feedback.

Best Newcomer – an item still relatively new to market that people were most excited about.

Most Practical Data Tool – among an array of new data tools, the item that people most often ranked as “most helpful” that garnered the most positive respondent comments.



And the WINNERS Are...DiabetesMine Usability Awards - Winners

Based on our patient community survey results, the 2017 winners aaaaaare:




The MyFitness Pal app!

This is of course a hugely popular mainstream fitness and nutrition app that helps users calculate the optimal calorie intake and nutrients for their personal goals. It features gamification elements to motivate users.


The company was acquired by UnderArmour in 2015, and the app has 165 million users as of March 2016. We're told that people love about it is that it "fosters understanding of what tradeoffs you can make every day about your food and exercise mix.”

What was amazing was that in our community, this app was top rated in two categories: BOTH exercise and nutrition. And numerous respondents said it helps them with their daily diabetes needs -- including insulin dosing tweaks -- even though this app was not specifically designed for that purpose.


Go, MyFitness Pal!



Tresiba FlexTouch insulin pen!

Tresiba is of course Novo Nordisk's new ultra long-lasting basal insulin. It offers unprecedented flexibility in dose timing because it stays effective for a full 42 hours between doses, meaning patients can even take injections every other day, if appropriate.


It comes in two concentrations, U100 or U200, and once in use, the FlexTouch lasts 8 weeks—twice as long as its competitor Lantus. Also, the pen design is “hand-friendly” in that large doses can be administered easily without any more force needed than for a 10-unit does.

NOTE that a number of our respondents mentioned liking the combination of Tresiba with Afrezza inhalable insulin for bolus needs. But in terms of sheer number of write-in comments in our survey this year, Tresiba stood out.



Dexcom Clarity software/app!

Clarity is the online data program and app tied to the Dexcom G5 CGM. Among a growing array of similar tools, in our study Clarity stood out for the most praise of its clear, appealing dashboard, and useful pattern recognition and recommendations based on those patterns. 


We received multiple comments on its simplicity and the ease of sharing information with your doctor using Clarity. Seriously, a number of folks said it has made their doctor's appointment more productive!

When announcing these results at the Summit, I added a personal note here about Clarity. Many of you may know that Dexcom recently added a “Best Day” view, based on time in range. When I was reviewing this with my doctor, she immediately said, "That's totally useless" -- because I guess from a clinical standpoint, what's one random "good day"?

But as a patient, I had the exact opposite reaction. I was proud to have had a "best day" of any kind! It gave me a sense of accomplishment, and more importantly, it motivated me to want to go back in my calendar and see what I did that day. I felt motivated to keep better records, because whatever the heck it was I did that day, I want to do more of that!

See how this Clarity feature feeds right into the “Do more of what’s working” principle? ;) 


{*Disclaimer: Dexcom was a major sponsor of our DiabetesMine Innovation Project this year, but was not emphasized in our research in any way.}


Congrats & Thank You!

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CONGRATS to these vendors, chosen by the Diabetes Patient Community as making a real impact in their lives!

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