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Get Support for Heart Disease

Being diagnosed with or being at risk for heart disease is scary. But don’t lose hope. There are resources to help you through it and a community of survivors who want to share their stories and lend their support. Learn about the many heart disease organizations out there and get involved. Not only will you be educating yourself, but your experience can help others, too.

Choosing a Cardiologist

For those suffering from any issue concerning their heart, a cardiologist is the one who will guide you through your treatment and monitor your progress.

Saving Money on Heart Disease Treatment

A major part of treatment costs for heart disease are the prescriptions you’ll be put on—a combination of anticoagulants, aspirin, ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, and more—which can become very expensive.

What to do After Surviving a Heart Attack

You’ve survived a heart attack. Now it’s time to make changes for a healthier future.

Inspirational Stories: Heart Attack as a Second Chance

Ignoring your risk for heart attacks can prove fatal.Heart attack survivor Dan Wolpert tells about how his experience was a second chance to change.

Your Healthy Heart: A Team Effort

Getting friends and family involved in your heart health can not only help you stay on track to living longer, but it can also provide great opportunities to create lasting memories.

Inspirational Stories: Organ Donation Saved My Life

After suffering multiple heart attacks without realizing it, Roxanne Watson was in desperate need for a new heart. Her journey with a heart transplant inspired her to become an advocate for organ donation.