The Best Fibromyalgia Blogs of the Year

Written by Rena Goldman on April 27, 2017

We’ve carefully selected these blogs because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information. If you would like to tell us about a blog, nominate them by emailing us at [email protected]!

Living with fibromyalgia isn’t easy. The pain and fatigue can affect your daily quality of life.

These bloggers provide an inside look into what it means to live with fibromyalgia day to day. They share personal experiences, including challenges and triumphs, along with research and information about the chronic condition.

No matter how many twists fibromyalgia throws at them, these bloggers don’t give up on living the best life possible.

My Foggy Brain

Fibromyalgia often means managing other chronic conditions at the same time. In Tamiko’s case, depression and ADD also play roles in what she refers to as her “foggy brain.” Her posts discuss how she balances managing her conditions with life’s other demands. She’s also a believer in the healing effects of tai chi, yoga, meditation, and therapeutic water immersion. Tamiko shares how tai chi has helped her and provides some resources if you want to try it.

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Counting My Spoons

When Julie Ryan was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and later endometriosis and thyroid issues, the theory of counting how many “spoons” you have to complete tasks each day resonated with her. Today, she says she no longer counts spoons, but listens to her body and when it tells her to slow down. Ryan covers a variety of topics, from lifestyle changes that have helped her, to new breakthroughs in care options for people who are chronically ill. She also frequently includes guest posts from doctors and other chronic illness bloggers. Each post tackles a specific topic, like managing digestive issues or how to manage stress and anxiety.

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Fibro and Fabulous

Kimberley Linstruth-Beckom is the author of a series of books tackling issues facing those with fibromyalgia. Topics include sex, pregnancy, healthcare, food sensitivities, and what it’s like to have a chronic condition the medical world is still learning about. Her blog includes personal stories, recipes, and pain management tips. In addition to talking about fibromyalgia, Kimberley also shares the challenges she faced when caring for her mother with Alzheimer’s disease. If you’re an animal lover, you’ll enjoy Kimberley’s posts that include photos of her furry friends.

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Seeking Equilibrium

A good sense of humor can help keep things upbeat, especially when you’re living with a chronic condition. Rosemary Lee uses humor throughout her posts, even when she talks about particularly hard struggles with pain and depression. Many of her posts discuss the chronic pain brought on by fibromyalgia and the different ways people seek relief. Rosemary herself is very cautious when it comes to opioids and other strong pain medications. She explains this in a few posts.

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The Fibro Frog

In addition to having fibromyalgia, Amy Mullholand also lives with arthritis in her major joints. Chronic pain is something she knows well, but Amy remains positive and continues to tell her story and advocate for more research. In a recent post, she shared a message of hope. Amy talks about the journey of entering a new career and taking her life back from pain and depression.

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Fibro Daily

Fibro Daily was created exclusively for the fibromyalgia community, which its creators felt was underserved. The blog is divided by topic and covers a wide range. Posts link to various articles with brief descriptions. You can browse by symptoms, treatments, diets, and current research. It’s a good stop if you’re looking to read articles from a variety of sources that all relate to fibromyalgia.

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Chronic Mom

Like many with chronic pain, Shelley felt she had few resources and support when she received her fibromyalgia diagnosis. She turned to blogging as an outlet for the frustration she felt with doctors and the medical system. Today, her posts offer lifestyle tips for living with fibromyalgia, like cooking hacks. Shelley also gives her opinions on what it feels like to be told to exercise when getting out of bed is no easy feat, and to be a mom with fibromyalgia.

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Fed up with Fatigue

It’s no surprise that Donna is fed up with fatigue. In her diagnosis and treatment journey, she’s tried medications that caused nasty side effects without improving her sleep. Donna’s blog focuses on finding ways to help ease fibromyalgia symptoms. Posts include tips for sleeping better and reviews of products, like lotions for pain relief. She also creates news roundups with links to the latest articles on fibromyalgia and related symptoms.

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Brainless Blogger

Nikki Albert has lived with chronic illness since she was a child. Her diagnoses include fibromyalgia, migraines, asthma, hypermobility, and hypothyroidism. But despite her challenges, she keeps pushing for what she wants out of life. She even has a sense of humor about it. Nikki created Monday Manuals, which are full of sarcastic and silly treatment suggestions, as a way to help others laugh with her in the face of chronic illness. If you enjoy quirky humor, you’ll enjoy her Monday Manuals.

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Learning to Balance Life Changes

Even physically healthy people struggle to find balance in life. It can be trickier for those with chronic illness. That’s exactly the topic Deborah Bolton tackles in her blog. She shares personal experiences and tells readers what helps her get motivated to do household chores and other everyday tasks. Deborah reminds you that it’s OK to ask for help, even dedicating a whole post to the subject.

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Skillfully Well & Painfully Aware

Self-described health nerd Katarina Zulak has a very upbeat approach to writing about fibromyalgia. She views the blog as a place to educate and inspire others with fibromyalgia to live well. Katarina takes deep dives into topics like yoga for fibromyalgia. Posts thoughtfully explain the subject and often include quotes from professionals or clinical studies.

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Rebuilding Wellness with Susan Ingebretson

As a holistic health practitioner and woman living with fibromyalgia, Sue Ingebretson knows her stuff. When she received her diagnosis, Sue dove into learning about fibromyalgia and how she could best achieve wellness. Now she shares what she learned with others. In a post discussing why ingredients matter, Sue uses a detailed and thoughtful voice to explain food additives and the impact they can have on the body.

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Odd Socks and Lollipops

Jenni combines her journey into motherhood with her experiences with chronic illness. For parents living with fibromyalgia, these two worlds will collide. Some posts seem like typical mommy blogger entries, like her description of creating a fairy garden for her daughter. Others discuss fibromyalgia. Jenni is relatively new to fibromyalgia. She was diagnosed in 2016. So if you are also in the early stages of your journey, Jenni’s posts can offer some comradery and comfort.

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National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association

The National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association provides a community for people with fibromyalgia to find resources and support. The site offers a one-stop for everything from access to news and the latest research, to learning more about chronic pain and treatments. This is a good place to start if you’re looking for specific information on managing fibromyalgia. There are also individual stories for inspiration.

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February Stars

In her blog, Donna shares how her experiences have taught her to be her own health advocate, and how that has helped her to get more accurate diagnoses. More recently, Donna discovered that Lyme disease was also playing a role in her symptoms.

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Emily’s Blog

Emily takes a practical and sometimes comical approach in her writing. In addition to living with fibromyalgia, Emily also has a brain tumor. She shares in-depth posts about her procedures with both clinical and anecdotal details. Despite going through several courses of radiation and doing chemo, Emily doesn’t lose her spunk or sense of humor.

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Being Fibro Mom

In addition to being a mom of four and a fibromyalgia blogger, Brandi Clevinger also serves as the Families and Fibromyalgia program director for the International Support Fibromyalgia Network. Her blog posts address the unique challenges faced by parenting with fibromyalgia. Brandi talks about how to turn seemingly negative fibromyalgia parenting struggles into positive experiences. She also provides tips for fibro-friendly meals and parenting advice tailored toward parents with fibromyalgia.

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A Life Well Red

Kristine believes chronic illness isn’t an end to a chapter, but rather the beginning of a new one. This philosophy is at the heart of her blog. Her writing is easy to read, while still being informative. Kristine takes on topics like other conditions people often have with fibromyalgia, and different cycles you can expect to experience throughout the course of having the condition.

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