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Living With Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder adds its own challenges and flavor to life. While some may see the condition as an unpredictable one, others can see it as an exciting day-by-day adventure. 

Explore articles in this section that discuss the challenges of bipolar disorder in relationships, including the true story of a woman who married her bipolar husband after only knowing him a week. Also learn how to discuss the topic of your condtion with others, how to tackle stress and anxiety, and how to talk yourself through both mania and depression. 

Video: Connect with People Living with Bipolar Disorder

Healthline's "You've Got This" video series features people describing their personal journey with bipolar depression.

Creativity: The Upside of Bipolar Disorder

There are some downsides to having bipolar disorder, but its strong connection to creativity is one that should be celebrated.

Talking About Bipolar Disorder

Talking about your bipolar disorder may be uncomfortable at times, but we've put together some tips for you to get the conversation started.

What Bipolar Disorder Feels Like

Bipolar disorder can feel confusing, but a 30-year-old California man broke down what it's like living bipolar.

Stress, Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder

Stress and anxiety can make living with bipolar disorder even more challenging, but here are some ways to help keep it at bay.

Love in a Time of Bipolar

Married after a week of knowing each other, Bonnie Rice and her bipolar husband made the best of their decades together.

Bipolar Bites

Bipolar Bites

Bipolar blogger Natasha Tracy offers exclusive insight into the world of bipolar disorder.

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