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The Best Alzheimer’s Videos of 2015

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  • The Best Alzheimer’s Videos of 2015

    The Best Alzheimer’s Videos of 2015

    According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, affecting as many as 5 million Americans. Here are some of the best videos on Alzheimer’s disease. They provide information and perspectives from people who have the disease and those who love and care for them. Watch these nine videos to learn more and know you’re not alone. 

  • ‘What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?’

    ‘What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?’

    The TED-Ed organization focuses on concise educational videos and “What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?,” led by Ivan Seah Yu Jun, is no different. Jun explains the history of the disease, what happens in the brain of someone with Alzheimer’s disease, and the symptoms it causes. The animations that accompany the information are well crafted and help clarify some complex ideas.

  • ‘The 7 Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease Through a Caregiver’s Eyes’

    ‘The 7 Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease Through a Caregiver’s Eyes’

    This video is a deeply personal look into the life of a patient with Alzheimer’s disease, written and narrated by her daughter, Toni Wombaker. It chronicles the six stages of her transition. Toni uses her family’s home videos to show examples of the changes she describes seeing within her mother. It’s a touching and informative tribute.

  • ‘A Marriage to Remember’

    ‘A Marriage to Remember’

    This video is part of the Op-Docs project by the New York Times, in which people chronicle stories of their lives or the lives around them. “A Marriage to Remember” shows the life of Pam, a woman with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and Ed, her husband and caregiver. The video focuses on the marriage and love between the husband and wife. Ed discusses the changes he’s seen in his wife and also affirms why he chooses to stay by her side.

  • ‘Alzheimer’s Association 2015 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures’

    ‘Alzheimer’s Association 2015 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures’

    This video from the Alzheimer’s Association states the facts of the disease, the people it affects, and how it relates to the other most common diseases in the United States. It uses the metaphor of old home movies to show how memory loss might feel to a patient. The Alzheimer’s Association hopes to bring about change by encouraging viewers to connect with them and provide support.

  • ‘Watch Heart-Melting Moment Alzheimer’s Patient Recognizes Her Daughter and Says “I Love You”’

    ‘Watch Heart-Melting Moment Alzheimer’s Patient Recognizes Her Daughter and Says “I Love You”’

    This short video is about as personal as it gets. Taken from a camera phone, a mother and daughter lie in a hospital bed while the daughter asks her mother questions. It’s touching and heartwarming to see their connection, despite the mother’s memory loss.

  • ‘When Love Becomes an Instinct’

    ‘When Love Becomes an Instinct’

    This clip from CBS Sunday Morning tells the story an older adult man and his wife. The man has Alzheimer’s disease and leaves the house to complete an errand. He proceeds to walk 2 miles, getting lost in the process. The local police find him later. The story is a touching tale of community, kindness, and the power of the heart over the mind.

  • ‘Meet Bob’

    ‘Meet Bob’

    Produced by Comic Relief, this video features Bob, a man who lost his wife to Alzheimer’s disease. He tells the story of their meeting, engagement, and marriage. After he loses her, he finds solace in an organization called Silver Line, which helps older adults find companionship and support. The video encourages viewers to help fund Silver Line, but it’s also an emotional look into how Alzheimer’s disease has changed the life of someone who is not a patient.

  • ‘The Effects of Early Onset Alzheimer’s’

    ‘The Effects of Early Onset Alzheimer’s’

    Personal accounts are often incredibly powerful, and this video is no different. Created by Chad Weed, this video tells the story of Chad’s mother and how she changed over two years. The clip shows the changes in her appearance, abilities, and awareness. Through it all, Chad shows his deep love and loyalty to the woman who raised him.

  • ‘An Alzheimer’s Love Story: The First Day of the Rest of My Life’

    ‘An Alzheimer’s Love Story: The First Day of the Rest of My Life’

    This video, produced by Silverado Care, follows the life of John and his wife who is in an assisted living home. He discusses his wife’s experience of moving into the home. John shares his hopes for his wife’s future and tells the viewer how much she means to him.

  • Alzheimer’s and You

    Alzheimer’s and You

    Alzheimer’s disease can seem overwhelming, but there’s a lot of information about the disease available in these videos and on the Internet. Watching them can provide you with insight about what it is like to be a person who has Alzheimer’s disease or a caregiver. If you continue to have questions, consult your doctor to learn more.