You may have seen the hashtag #WeAreNotWaiting on Twitter and wondered what it stood for. It's a grassroots push for Diabetes Innovation Now. And we're thrilled to be part of it!

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We Are Not Waiting


What does it mean?

It's the rally cry of folks in the diabetes community who are taking matters into their own hands; they're developing platforms and apps and cloud-based solutions, and reverse-engineering existing products when needed in order to help people with diabetes better utilize devices and health data for improved outcomes.

On March 9, 2014, Forbes reported:

The promise of "digital health" to radically alter patient life with these conditions continues to capture global imagination, engineering innovation and media headlines — daily.


But there's a big missing link to all the rosy (sometimes breathtaking) forecasts and it's called "data interoperability." Simply put, it's the lack of standards and formats for health data that's captured electronically to work seamlessly within the life of a patient with a chronic condition (many of which are life-threatening).

Clearly this issue is not solved yet!

How did it get started?

The tagline "We Are Not Waiting" was the result of a group discussion at the first-ever DiabetesMine D-Data ExChange event last November at Stanford University.DiabetesMine WeAreNotWaiting

Co-host Howard Look, CEO of Tidepool (also a D-Dad), led the group discussion that gave birth to this motto, and then reported on it at the 2013 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit the next day -- to a group of 120 diabetes leaders (patient advocates, pharma executives, FDA, ADA, JDRF, clinicians, mobile health experts and more).


howard look diabetes


"The aim is to make diabetes data more accessible, intuitive, and actionable... We'd like to get the data into a format where it can help increase time in (glucose) range, and achieve fewer lows and better A1C."



Also integrally involved was D-Dad and Chief Engineer at Medtronic Lane Desborough, who wrote a follow-up post on Tidepool's blog in which he said it so well:


Lane Desborough"Companies that make physical components of (the diabetes) ecosystem — sensors, pumps, smartphones, insulin, strips, cellular networks, cloud servers — will continue to survive and thrive because these elements are necessary... The system will continue to comprise three essential components: hardware, software, and wetware (humans). What will change is how — and how fast — these systems will be developed. Closed, proprietary systems will die. Open, standards-based, interoperable devices will thrive. The problem and its solution will get closer in person, space, and time. We are not waiting."


Not waiting for...?

When I asked the folks involved to summarize the movement, here's the powerful list they produced:

#WeAreNotWaiting to bridge disconnected data islands.

#WeAreNotWaiting while our endocrinologist tries to assemble the disjointed pieces of the data puzzle.

#WeAreNotWaiting for competitors to cooperate.

#WeAreNotWaiting for regulators to regulate.

#WeAreNotWaiting for device manufacturers to innovate.

#WeAreNotWaiting for payers to pay.

#WeAreNotWaiting for peace of mind that our children with type 1 diabetes are safe.

#WeAreNotWaiting to get some decent sleep for the first time in years.

#WeAreNotWaiting for our child to have a sleepover at friend's house.

#WeAreNotWaiting to go out to dinner and a movie.

#WeAreNotWaiting to give our child a better chance to succeed at school.

#WeAreNotWaiting for others to decide if, when, and how we access and use data from our own bodies.

#WeAreNotWaiting to build applications that focus on design and usability.

#WeAreNotWaiting to compel device makers to publish their data protocols.

#WeAreNotWaiting to insist that patients have access to their own diabetes data.

#WeAreNotWaiting to allow PWDs to have a choice in how they see their own diabetes data, and not be forced to use substandard software delivered that comes with their device.

#WeAreNotWaiting to make it easier to get data off of devices.

#WeAreNotWaiting to bring together the best and brightest minds from around the world to help make things better for PWDs.

#WeAreNotWaiting for the cure.

(We plan to keep building on this list -- got sentiments to add? -- and we've created a page for the movement at

So who's doing what exactly?

Palo-Alto based Tidepool is making some amazing progress towards a device-agnostic, cloud-based platform for diabetes.Tidepool logo

They've already announced their first partnership with an insulin pump company, Asante Solutions, makers of the Snap pump, who will forgo creating their own proprietary software in favor of an open system that will allow users to combine their pump data with CGM data and other records, and view and share that data in any app they choose! (To better understand why THIS IS HUGE, read D-advocate Kim Vlasnik's take.)

Check out the brochure from our D-Data ExChange event in November 2013 for a list of a dozen others also creating fantastic D-Data innovations:

The 2013 DiabetesMine D-Data ExChange brochure - final

Recently added to the list of people working on innovations under the #WeAreNotWaiting hashtag are Scott Leibrand and Dana Lewis, developing a "DIY Artificial Pancreas" system.

Also, two researchers at the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation in Toronto, Canada -- Joe Cafazzo and Melanie Yeung -- have been plugging away on Interoperability Standards for the diabetes industry, and are making some good inroads getting pharma device makers on board.

Meanwhile, lots of people are talking! We thank entrepreneur and D-advocate Anna McCollister-Slipp, who recently told Forbes:


Anna McCollister-Slipp diabetes"Everybody seems to think that it's OK to wait another two or three years for this process to play itself out. In terms of the business or policy cycles that's the current trajectory, but for those of us who live with this data dysfunction, two or three years can make the difference between going blind or dying in our sleep. It's purely an issue of priorities and urgency and despite glowing rhetoric to the contrary — patient needs are nowhere in sight for manufacturers or policymakers."


DiabetesMine is proud to announce that it will host the next D-Data ExChange event in conjunction with the annual ADA Scientific Sessions coming up this June in San Francisco.


How can you get involved?

Let us know what you may be working on with regard to open systems for diabetes management -- so we can add you to the list of relevant players and projects we'll be compiling for the new page at

Twitter bird not waiting

And whatever you do, be sure to follow the community movement #WeAreNotWaiting on Twitter!

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