You all have no idea how much I appreciate Scott's obsession with test strips. I revel in it.

Every 2.85 months, I have my own obsession going with these most-expensive-and-essential of diabetes supplies: my mail order service won't renew until I'm down to my last 6 strips. Literally, they take the 10-per-day count so seriously that they won't process my order until I've got enough for, hmmm, one day if I'm lucky not to get any monitor error messages. Right. Like a 35-minute commute "without traffic." Never happens!

So here I am on the verge of flying across the country to that mecca of diabetes gadgetry, and I possess not half a vial of test strips to my name. My insurance won't even begin processing the refill till today, and needs another week to ship me the [email protected]#!t. Does this sound like a good diabetes travel strategy to you?

Ironic, of course, since I'll be arriving at said mecca of diabetes products on Friday morning. Do I wait till I get there and go begging at the Abbott booth for FreeStyle test strips? I don't think they do "samples." Do I shout at my endo and/or the insurance rep on the phone? Um, been-there-done-that gene tells me NO. Test_strip_box

So I cough up the retail price of $55.49 for ONE VIAL of 50 strips. I pack it. I grit my teeth whenever I even think of testing -- and have a small coronary each time I get an "Error" message and have to throw an unused strip in the trash.

Ah, how I hope and dream that someone at Blue Shield or at Abbott Diabetes is reading this! Have mercy on me ...

(one mini-reprisal was bleeding all over the pharmacy counter at Walgreens. Couldn't be helped; it was time to test in a hurry again, after all!)

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