You heard of Medingo, right? The Israeli start-up company whose new patch pump technology was recently acquired by Accu-Chek/Roche Diabetes?

Well, there's another Israeli start-up that's presumably hoping to beat a similar path.  The company is called NiliMedix, based in the country's Haifa District. They're developing both "advanced insulin pump technology" — a supposedly smaller, lighter and more sophisticated pump than any on the market today — and also "innovative measures for the most accurate Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)."

A marketing manager tells me that their website "hasn't been updated in a while." But here's what I know for sure: their ADI model pump (soon to be re-branded under a new name) is already approved and on offer in several European countries. They do not have FDA approval for US sales yet.

Besides the compact size, the stated advantages of the system are: 1) that it doesn't use a motor, but rather draws energy from pressure created via a controlled-release mechanism, and 2) highly sophisticated error sensing and alarm system. The no-motor approach makes the system "virtually fail-proof" and very low-cost to manufacture, the company states.

Watch the video here for a look. Be prepared for repeat mentions of "unique core technology" that offers "significant advantages."






NiliMedix also develops a unique new infusion set called Lighty DD. Its advantage is a special built-in mechanism "to quickly identify situations in which the cannula of the infusion set is separated from the body." According to the marketing manger, this one has now achieved FDA clearance:






That looks pretty cool. Comments from anyone out there who often pulls out their infusion set by accident? Would this be the answer?

btw, I'm writing about this today because, well... Besides always being interested in new developments and products, I've been up to my ears evaluating diabetes innovations for the 2010 DiabetesMine Challenge — and since voting is still underway, I'm not yet at liberty to blabber about entries.  Too bad NiliMedix didn't enter the competition.

But keep your eyes peeled for news from them next month just the same: I understand they'll be launching even more new products, plus a whole new brand name and web site at the big annual ADA Conference, coming up in Orlando.

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