The days of diabetes podcasting seem to have been reborn, with a surge in these audio shows hitting our Diabetes Online Community (DOC) recently.

Diabetes PodcastPatient-led podcasts aren't anything new, of course, nor is talking diabetes on the air a novel concept. A number of audio programs materialized over the past decade since the very first one in 2005, but lately a new wave seems to be underway, with FIVE new diabetes podcasts having sprung up just since the beginning of this year. Two of those just launched this past week.

Here's a look at D-podcasts, from the most recent to those that are no longer airing but set the stage for all of this today:


Everybody Talks

Everybody Talks podcast

This newest podcast on the DOC block comes from the Diabetes Hands Foundation (DHF), kicking off last week on July 17. This show is hosted by our DHF friends Mike Lawson, talking type 1, and Corinna Cornejo, talking type 2. The weekly podcast is slated to run for almost an hour, showcasing a particular D-topic each week and highlighting some of the past TuDiabetes chats relevant to the issue at hand. For example, the first episode focused on advocacy, a super-timely theme with the DHF MasterLab advocacy training event having just concluded (see our coverage here).

"We do many amazing interviews that don't get nearly as much exposure as we'd like," Mike says. "So this gives the work that Emily (Coles of DHF) does new legs. We get really great names in industry and research to come explain what they are up to. We have great advocates. We have people living with diabetes doing amazing things. We are trying to make sure people hear the interviews."

Very much looking forward to tuning in each week for the newest episodes!


Diabetes By the Numbers

This is a second brand new podcast started on July 17 by another DOC'er and advocate, Stephen Shaul. Yes, it's cleverly calledDiabetes By The Numbers podcast Diabetes By the Numbers, and you can read Stephen's post over on his Happy Medium blog explaining the reasoning behind his newest venture. In short, he has a long-ago history in radio and advertising, so he's dusting off the sound room in his Baltimore area home for this quick-hit-style program, exploring some newsy or current topics. His first episode featured D-Mom Katy Killilea who blogs at Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes.

The frequency of broadcasts is not yet decided, but on his blog, Stephen explains: "Each podcast should be 10 minutes or so, focusing on diabetes news of the day. But I’m not going to hold myself to that; if the content is important and it goes 11 or 12 minutes, so be it."

Definitely like what we're hearing so far, Stephen, so we're in for the extra minute or two when you need it!


Diabetes Connections

Diabetes Connections

In June, D-Mom and former broadcast professional Stacey Simms created her own podcast called Diabetes Connections (you can find it on her site, With a distinguished career in radio and TV news out of North Carolina, Stacey set her sights on creating a D-podcast using her experience to do all kinds of D-news coverage and interviews. Her early episodes featured beauty queen-cum-advocate Sierra Sandison, the CGM in the Cloud team known as Nightscout, and D-Mom Laura Billetdeaux who is co-founder of the Friends for Life Conference. Stacey has a son with type 1, so she definitely has that insider Type Awesome swag combined with journalistic professionalism weaved into her weekly broadcasts.

It was great seeing Stacey in action recently at both the MasterLab and FFL conference in Florida, watching her work the mic to get the scoop on what's happening in the diabetes community. One of my personal favorite moments was catching the first minutes of a conversation with DOC advocate Kelly Kunik, someone we'll be featuring as one of our Patient Voices Contest winners in the coming weeks! The two had a lot of fun talking, it seemed, and I got to snap this candid shot in the process:

Stacey Simms podcast

Kelly Kunik being interviewed by podcaster Stacey Simms


Juicebox Podcast

Have you caught this cleverly-named podcast by D-Dad Scott Benner, who is father to a young girl with T1D (named Arden) and blogs at Arden's Day? We mentioned this one earlier in the year, soon after Scott started recording in February 2015. He's since recorded several dozen episodes that two or three times a month. As he describes it, the Juicebox Podcast is aimed at the diabetes parents of the world -- but with the interviews he's had, ranging from a multitude of D-parents to fellow adult PWDs like Karen Graffeo who created the ever-popular Diabetes Blog Week -- this is certainly one for anyone's ears in the D-Community.

Juicebox podcast

Be sure to take a listen, if you haven't yet... and hopefully, you won't need to be drinking a juicebox while tuning in. :)


Real Life Diabetes / DDG

Real Life with Diabetes podcast

What might you get from a podcast called Real Life Diabetes? Well, that seems pretty self-explanatory. This one started in January 2015 and is part of the very cool Diabetes Daily Grind site that set up shop in 2014, hosted by fellow PWDs Ryan Fightmaster and Amber Clour in Oklahoma. Ryan is a longtime type 1 since age 9, an avid outdoorsman and a first-year medical student. Amber is also a longtime type 1 diagnosed the same year as I was (1984) and she works as an environmental design engineer, among other things.

These two are quite the pair and are just fun to listen to and read online (and look for their pretty awesome story on how they met up in the first place). On the show, they talk about everything from drinking and sex with diabetes to all the other aspects of life that you won't be discussing in your doctor's office. For example, their April podcast topic focused on microbrew beer and how it factors into diabetes... not to mention some "Low Blood Sugar March Madness" fun. 

And it all comes from those who "get it" about really living with diabetes. Warning: there is some explicit language and talk of issues that aren't suitable for the younger DOC audience -- my kind of place!

Amber and Ryan have done about six podcasts in their first several months, and I seriously love the intro music they chose for this podcast!

"Tell me sugar-mama, what’s your A1C, are you into endocrinology…"

A must-listen, IMHO.


Living Vertical

Living Vertical podcast

You may know Steve Richert as the D-peep who's been on a mission to climb the highest mountains and rock formations all over the world. He's been blogging at Living Vertical for a while now, chronicling his climbing adventures, but in September 2014 he started recording the Living Vertical podcast. He has 20+ episodes to date with a few featured each month, and the topics range from current events and news, to telling cool stories about just what he's going through in whichever corner of the D-world.

Most recently, Steve delved into the whole CrossFit debacle with a special monologue podcast on that hot topic that hit the community earlier in the month (see our coverage here). In contrast, the episode just before that featured a great interview with 17-year-old Josie Johnson who was backpacking with diabetes for the first time... and it also alerted listeners to a great initiative of his called GoBeyond Diabetes that I hadn't heard of before. Basically, it's a weekly photo-submission effort in which people email in pictures of whatever weekend activities they're doing "beyond diabetes" and Steve will post those online.

With this range of topics, there's definitely a great mix of content here, Steve!


DSMA Live (Plus Rents and En Vivo)

DSMA Live podcasts

There's no way when talking diabetes podcasts that you can look past DSMA (or Diabetes Social Media Advocacy for the un-initiated) and its online audio program, DSMA Live. Starting up as a free Blog Talk Radio show each Thursday (9-10pm Eastern), this live show tails the weekly #DSMA Twitter chat each Wednesday night and typically features a live guest, alongside the hosts Cherise Shockley, Scott Johnson and George Simmons.

More than a couple hundred shows have aired since its beginnings in November 2010, and since then they have also added a parents version (Rents Edition) and a Spanish language-edition known as En Vivo. The parents' edition airs every other Monday evening, hosted by the dynamic D-parent duo of Lorraine Sisto and Bennet Dunlap. The En Vivo show airs twice a month and is hosted by D-peeps Mila Ferrer and Melissa Cipriani. All tolled, there have been about 301 shows to date for the trio of live podcasts.

This podcast has been on our weekly playlist for years now, and we hope to keep listening as long as our DOC friends keep it going as part of the non-profit Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation (DCAF).


Just Talking

We also can't say enough about Just Talking podcast Christopher Snider who's hosted the Just Talking podcast since October 2009, and while it's not 100% diabetes all the time, there have been so many strings of diabetes themes and conversations that are invaluable to our community. (Chris also gets congrats for his recent marriage to D-peep and fellow DOC'er Dayle Kern. Check out this wedding-related podcast, for more!)

Just this past month, the 300th episode aired (on July 14, 2015) featuring a great interview with Nightscout Foundation leader and Texas D-Dad James Wedding. Chris also jumps into all kinds of healthcare and chronic condition topics, social media, gaming, movie masterpieces (especially of the Marvel and Fast and Furious genres), and a whole range of other timely topics and interviews.

Certainly a must-listen on our playlist, because as Chris says: "After all, we're just talking..."


Divabetic podcast

Diabetes Late Nite

Hosted by Mr. Diva himself Max Szadek, who just this month marked his 5th year of diabetes podcasts, this one airs on DivaTalk Radio (aka the Blog Talk Radio platform that DSMA also uses),

This show is different, with Max doing a full hour (compared to his initial 20 minutes) aimed at divas (and dudes) to glamorize good health and diabetes education, mostly for women living with or impacted by diabetes. There are 120+ Divabetic podcasts online, and it's fun to hear the mix of music, pop culture and D-topics being discussed each time.


Diabetes Power Show 

Diabetes Power Show

This longtime podcast is one we know well here at the 'Mine. PWD Charlie Cherry and Team in Las Vegas started this fun, upbeat podcast a decade ago (the 10-year anniversary is in August), and their audio crew has both types of diabetes along with many years of diabetes care and advocacy expertise under their belts.

For longtime readers of the 'Mine, you may remember that Amy mentioned this great podcast back in 2007, and it's amazing to see the show still thriving in 2015. Really, the Power Show reminds me so much of a mainstream morning radio show that I enjoy listening to in the car each morning (or when I drove to the office every day); Charlie and his crew clearly have a great time chatting up their guests and exchanging banter on current issues happening at the time of each recording.

The Diabetes Power Show has been on a hiatus for the past few months, because of other projects and life happenings, but Charlie tells us they're getting back into the podcasting swing of things soon. The team is also excited to be working on the production of a new diabetes film called The Children of Diabetes movie set to debut in November 2016, so we can all look forward to that, too!


RIP, Blogging Diabetes

Blogging Diabetes podcastUnfortunately, this podcast is no longer being recorded. But if you Google the phrase "diabetes podcast," the Blogging Diabetes podcast by fellow DOC'er and type 1 friend Tony Rose is still in the top three results you'll find.

So there's definitely some ever-lasting life in this show, it seems.

Through the years, Tony's podcast was one of the few that remained steady. He released a new podcast once a week from June 2011 through mid-2013, recording about 77 podcasts before hanging up the mic. I was honored to meet Tony in person at one of the pharma-hosted social media summits, and it was great to join him on Blogging Diabetes back in summer 2013. We completely understand how life gets busy, but hope we have a chance to hear your voice again at some point, Tony!


Diabetic Feed

Remember the D-Feed, as I called it back in 2005? This is the one that started up the world of diabetes podcasting! That wasdiabeticfeed back in the day, before the iPhone even came out (true story, there was a Time Before iPhone!). One of our good friends Christel Marschand Aprigliano was the voice behind diabeticfeed, sharing news stories and introducing so many guests who would become key D-peeps in the emerging DOC. This show pretty much set the stage for all to follow in creating diabetes podcasts. It aired about 36 episodes spanning five years, before going off-air in June 2010.

Anyone who keeps their ears to the DOC ground knows that Christel hasn't disappeared, though, as she's back in the D-blogopshere at The Perfect D, was one of our own past Patient Voices Winners, and has become a diabetes advocacy all-star hosting the Diabetes UnConference and founding the new Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC), and so much more. Thanks for laying the podcasting groundwork, Christel!


And aside from these PWD-led podcasts, there are also a string of other "professional" varities from the likes of the American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Research Institute (DRI), and official government channels like the CDC and NIH on diabetes. But it's great to know there's no shortage of programs by us and for us these days.


So, what say you Diabetes Friends: Any fave podcasts to share? Or any not mentioned that have caught your ear at some point in time? Let us know!


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