Longtime type 1, blogger and author Joanne Milo is back with another review -- this time of the Apple Watch with the Dexcom G4 Share2 app for viewing and sharing of glucose data results.



  • can view streaming CGM data right on your wrist
  • can see and share your data on up to 5 iPhones or iPads
  • shows your latest reading (it takes 2-3 seconds to display) with a 3-hour graph and arrow indicating whether your BG is rising, falling or steady
  • it is water-resistant
  • iPhone screen is full-color and easy to read in sunlight
  • has a “coolness” factor, if you love Apple products
  • can use the Apple Watch for BG viewing alongside other functions like email, text, weather, fitness, camera, etc.
  • if willing to spend more money, there’s a big choice of watchband design options, including growing market of 3rd party models that are easily interchangeable
  • no extra costs for hosting and data plans, as you might find when using Nightscout


  • still need to carry the Dexcom G4 Share receiver
  • no alarms on iPhone app; you still have to rely on the Dexcom G4 receiver for alerts 
  • you have to “wake” it by either tapping the scroll button or turning your wrist a quarter-turn; otherwise watch face is black, not even displaying the time
  • when woken, the display only stays on for about 10-15 seconds before going to "sleep"
  • shows only 3 hours of data, as opposed to 3, 6, 12 and 24 hour options on the G4 receiver
  • limited to only 5 followers, who, using the Dexcom Share Follow app, can only see your data on their Apple iPhone (not yet available on a follower’s Apple Watch or on Android)
  • if you are still using the original G4 receiver (without Share), need to upgrade for $199 (if out of warranty, a new G4 with Share is $599 out-of-pocket, without insurance)
  • lots of charging required! Apple Watch has a very limited battery life, plus you will need to charge your iPhone more frequently
  • display shows lots of preloaded Apple apps that you cannot delete or hide, making the screen very cluttered
  • Apple Watch is pricey, depending on size (38mm or 42mm) and design; the most basic model runs starts at $349
  • either size Apple Watch is large and probably will not fit on a child


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