Learn the basics of various medical conditions, what causes them, how to diagnose them and how you can treat them both at home and at hospitals.

eye health

Detached retina: Causes, symptoms and treatment

When the retina (a thin layer of tissue at the back of the eye) pulls away from the usual position, this emergency situation is...
Sugar and tooth cavity

Does sugar cause teeth cavities?

The harmful effects of sugar happen to be something that everyone is aware of. Right from our childhood days we have heard how having...
woman with towel drinking water from bottle in gym

Avoid Sagging breasts with these 6 DIY Tips

With increasing population & pollution, the average lifespan of a human being has fallen down and this has led to a shorter youth period....
hair alopecia

How FUE hair transplant is effective and provide best results

Male pattern baldness has turned out to be a standout amongst the most well-known issues individuals confront today and FUE hair transplant has ended...
healthy living

Healthy living tips in today’s age

Maintaining health in a good state is one of the best things anyone can do for themselves. It is a choice that everyone can...
flexible man practicing yoga at workplace

Best ways to take care of your health during office hours

Our stressful lifestyle is taking a toll on our health. Be it office or home, taking good care of health is always important. Nowadays,...
man lying in bed with acidity

6 Types of important laxatives and the natural ways to find them 

You are mistaken if you think constipation is just a physical health issue. It causes mental distress that impacts the quality of life. Many...

How does acupuncture help in neck pain?

  Neck pain or stiffness is such a common injury that you will even hear the familiar saying “a pain in the neck” from time...

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