Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Kittur Chenamma

6 Freedom Fighters, the British were scared of!

It has been long since India became Independent. The younger generations have almost forgotten the freedom struggle, how hard it was and how many...
Health blog

Tips for marketing your health blog and gain more interest

When it comes to website marketing, it’s important to remember that not all websites - in this case blogs - are alike, and therefore...
Corporate Gift ideas

5 Things to keep in mind while gifting to your client

When you run a business, you understand the importance of having good people around you. Whether they are employees or customers or your partners,...

Best tips for new drivers to avoid “Blind Spot” Accidents

“Blind spot” accidents cause a large number of vehicular accidents involving new or teen drivers. Blind spot accidents are usually common among new drivers...
truck driving at night

Safety tips for truck drivers who are working at night

For truck drivers like you, nighttime is the best time to drive, especially when it’s late and most other drivers are already asleep. After...

What to consider if you’ve been wronged by a medical doctor

No one is perfect, no matter how much they try. Every once in a while, people make mistakes. Just like you, your medical practitioner...
General Insurance

Here’s why one must always buy a general insurance?

In the current world with a fast-paced lifestyle, there’s risk wherever we go. These risks are connected with everything around us or whatever we...

Doctors or Criminals: In the Modern Era how long will the Lifesavers be treated...

If you’re a doctor, you’d already know how miserable it has become to continue as a doctor in Modern India. At every step you’re...

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